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It is a statutory requirement for all British Virgin Islands regulated entities such as banks, public funds insurance, and trust companies to submit audited financial statements within 3 or 6 months as applicable, to the Financial Services Commission after its financial year/period.

Though an external audit may not be a statutory requirement for some companies, there is usually a need for an audit to be performed to provide reasonable assurance, to the key stakeholders, that the reported performance of the Company is free from material misstatements.

Baker Tilly is the oldest established public accounting firm in the British Virgin Islands, which can trace its origins back to 1973. On 1 October 2004, the firm became a member firm of Baker Tilly International and the name of the firm changed to Baker Tilly (BVI) Limited. Baker Tilly is one of the largest public accounting practices in the Territory and thus has a wealth of experience with mutual funds, investment management companies, trust companies, insurance captives, insurance management companies, hotels and resorts, and government institutions.

We have the necessary skills and expertise to independently provide an opinion on your Company’s financial statements.

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  • What are the tax regulations for businesses in the BVI, and how can an accounting firm like Baker Tilly BVI assist in compliance?
  • How can accounting services help with financial reporting and compliance for offshore companies in the BVI?
  • What are the key accounting and financial considerations for startups and small businesses operating in the British Virgin Islands?
  • Can you explain the role of an accounting firm in providing audit and assurance services for businesses in the BVI?
  • How can an accounting firm assist with international tax planning and optimization strategies for companies based in the BVI?

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